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Managing Sales, Sales Statistics, Stock, Expenses, Creditors, Installment Payments, Clients, Invoices, Quotations and much more for Retail, Wholesale, Pharmacies and Much More

Manage SACCO Members, Register Loan Applicants, Manage, Manage Loan Repayments and Loan Repayment Reports, Manage SACCO Savings, SACCO Assets, Liabilities, Manage Expenses, Sort Paid and unpaid Loans, Sort Overdue Loans according to Period and Amount and much more.

The System helps you Record Food and Drinks Orders, Record and add to Stock in your Restaurant, It helps you get Sales Statistics with profit and loss for Day and Night Shift,  It helps you Record Mobile Money Payments of Orders, It helps you Record VISA Payments made for orders, It produces Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) for each Order, It Produces Order Bills for each Order, It Produces Sales Reports for Daily/Monthly and Yearly Sales, It helps you assign orders to Waiters, It helps you Record Expenses in your Restaurant, It helps you to manage and update your menu, it helps you record Clients and their debts to the restaurant, it helps you manage discounts, events and much more

Manage Fuel Sales, Filter Sales, Gas Sales and much more on your Fuel/Petrol Station. The System works with different branches

Manage your Rentals and Houses on Sale with the Evolution Property Management System. The System is online and it helps you monitor tenant rent payments, houses on sale and agents and houses they are selling. The System is online thus making it easy for you to view summaries of different important stats

Sitemine is a Content Management System that enables Web Developers to provide a backend to their websites. With a swift ORM, Plugin Store and easy Content Management technique, Sitemine helps the developer utilize the usage of functions to call and store information in a quick and easy way.

Register Students Details, Enter Subjects Offered Per Class, Specify Which Student offers which Subject (For Secondary Schools), Enter Grading and Division Settings, Enter Student Marks, System Computes Gradings and Produces Mark sheets, Reports and Term Comparative Reports. The System archives Data of different terms for you to easily navigate later