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    The best way to manage your Loans Firm, SACCO, Microfinance and
    any finance organization. Making it easy to manage Loans, Loan Repayment Schedules,
    Savings, Assets, Shares, Liabilities, Expenses & Much More

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Features Of the Evolution Loans Software

Registering Members/Clients

The Software enables you to keep a list of all members/Clients of your Loans Firm, Microfinance Firm or Savings Group. It also enables you to be able to print out the list at anytime you need or save it as a PDF Document. It specifies for you which of the clients has already taken a Loan and who has not yet

Registering Loan Applicants

The Software enables you to specify a Loan Applicant's details like their full Name, The Loan Amount he/she wants to acquire, Contact Details, Purpose of Loan, Securities, Interest Rates, Guarantors and Much More

Loan Repayment Schedules

When a Loan Application is entered the Software automatically creates a Loan Repayment Schedule detailing how the Loan will be paid and how much will be paid in each installment and the dates when these payments will be made. A report is created and this report can be printed or saved in PDF.

Managing Expenses

The Software enables you to manage Expenses in your business. This allows you to have a record and assess how much has been spent in your business, who has spent it, when it was spent and which item was paid for or bought

User Accounts

The Software is an offline Software and it allows you to create respective accounts for specific employees. It allows you to assign each employee with specific right of access so that you have one Admin who can view all processes of the Software. This allows you to have control of what others people see when they login to the software.

Sorting Paid & UnPaid Loans

The Software enables you to produce a report of Loans taken with a specific period of time (between two dates). You can Print the Report of these Loans or save them as PDF. The Software allows you to view Paid Loans and on which date they were paid and also Pending Loans and Overdue Loans.

An Interface built for Productivity

Making it Easy to manage Loans, Loan Repayment Schedules, Savings, Assets, Shares, Liabilities, Expenses, Incomes, Reports and Much More

Reviews From Current Users

I've been using this software for sometime now but its simplicity is so striking. The procedure you take to do something is just like two clicks and for it it does the rest. Great Innovation!

CathySecretary - Bwizi Credits Company Ltd

I am a Money Lender but this software has really eased my work. When using it I easily get reminders on who is supposed to pay a loan and on which day. And it is this money that keeps my business moving so having all those automated updates is very nice for me. It really works for me.

Paul Manager - PK Money Lenders

In 2017, we formed a Savings group so we used to keep our savings information in books and sometimes excel but it was really hard to keep everyone updated, there were no reports. But when we started using this Software everything is so streamlined, whenever i need a summary report of loans taken, overdue loans, cleared loans etc, the software gives me very fast. Very nice thing

Lilian Finance - Karekye Family Savings Group

Its just magical, i love it!

Allan Manager - BUSACCO Savings and Credits Co-operative