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Smart Real-Time Printable Student Reports

Smart Class Marksheets Ready for Printing

Easy Registration and Storage of Student Data

Features Built For Efficiency

User Friendly Software

The Software is designed to be easy to use for even people who have basic knowledge about computers, it enables you to easily access the features that you need most whenever you need them and it guides you to easily work with it.

Store Students Details

Your students' details are stored in one single space where you can easily search and access them. You can store students' passport photos, guardians' details and much more.

Store Students' Marks

The Software helps you to store students' marks and easily derive them into aggregates and grades with one click of a button. This makes it easy for you to concentrate on more important tasks.

Students' School Fees

The Software allows you to store students' fees of all types and receipts for each payment made for any fee. It enables you to get a clear financial statement for each student hence making accounts management easy

Creates Marksheets

The Software enables you to easily create marksheets for your class/school. It converts the marks you entered into aggregates and also derives the grades for your students and these are well organized in a marksheet.

Create Student Reports

The Software easily creates report cards and cumulative reports for your students. Using the data from the marks you entered and the aggregates and grades, the software creates for you students' report for each term with one single click

Record School Expenses

The Software easily enables you to record school expenses, how much has been deposited on each expense and the balance needed by the service provider. Thes system later gives you a report of all Expenses paid and total balance. This enables you to easily make decisions at your school

Manage School Payroll

The Software allows you to Register All Staff Members on Payroll and their Payroll Details. This allows you to manage how they are paid and their balance. The Payroll Feature makes it easy for you to manage Staff Payments at your School

Manage School Store

The School Store Received many items and these items need to be recorded and the suppliers recorded and their payments and balance. This Software provides you with these features and gives you Credit Reports of Suppliers Per Month/Quarter and Year

Record Banked Money & Get Bank Reconciliation

The Software allows you to record Deposited Money to the Bank and Withdraws from the Bank. The Date of Deposit or Withdraw is also recorded and the Person who Deposited or Withdrew are also Recorded, the Receipt No from the Bank is also recorded. This in-turn helps you to get a clear Bank Reconciliation Statement making iteasy for you to plan forward.

Manage School Assets

The Software allows you to record All School Assets and Easily Manage them. It provides you with the Status of Different Assets in order for you to easily plan for the School

Manage School Library

The Software allows you to easily record all the books in your Library and their specific details. Any student who borrows a book from the Library is recorded and any student who returns ad book is also recorded, this helps to create a Library reconciliation Report

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Reviews From Current Users

This is a great Software, every school should use it if they want to produce accurate data and to have their specific information accessible by only people authorized to access it, thank you Evolution Media


"I like my information organized. This Evolution School Software has a way of organizing and analysing information in ways that are so simple yet very helpful, the data graphs and pie charts to visualize the data are so good”