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The Evolution Sales Management Software

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An Interface Built for Strategic Decision Making

Built to easily analyse large bunches of data in order to make it simple for managers to make decisions on how to progress their businesses and branches attached to their businesses TRY IT FOR FREE

Features Customized for Productivity

Searching for Items

There's alot in your stock and finding the right item can be hard. The Software makes it easy for you by identifying for you exactly what you need at the right moment, all you have to do is enter the item name

Remaining Stock for Each Item

Finding out the number of Items of a certain category can be tiresome when using books and traditional methods. The Evolution Stock Software makes it easy for you to find out which items need re-stocking

Sales Statistics

The Software makes it easy for you to Understand which item has sold more during an occassion like Christmas or IDD. It also shows you which sales were made on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis

Managing Expenses

You need to have a clear understanding of how much money you are spending on transport, food, salaries and much more. The Evolution Stock Software produces statistics of how much you are spending daily, weekly, monhtly, quarterly and yearly

Create Reports, Receipts etc

Writing business Reports, Invoices and Quotations can be tiresome, you have to go through several datasets and feeding them on a report. Our Stock Software makes it easy for you by creating the report at the click of a button

Profit and Loss Statistics

The Software offers you a glimpse into how your business is doing by displaying your profits and losses done on the various products in your business. It also displays a full summary of how much profit or loss has been made within a specified period of time

Where it Works

If you ask yourself What is the best stock management software in Uganda and East Africa? or What is the best Sales Management Software in Uganda and East Africa or What is the best Point Of Sales (POS) Software in Uganda/Kampala/Mbarara/Gulu/Arua/Mbale/Hoima, there are less options. Evolution Media Group presents The Evolution Sales Management Software for your Business. The Evolution Stock Manager is The Best Stock Management Software in Uganda and East Africa. It is also The Best Sales Management Software in Uganda. It helps you to Track Sales, It helps you to Track Sales, It helps you to Manage Clients' contacts, it helps you to track installments, it Gives you Sales Reports. It is helps you manage Schedules and Appointments, It helps you track Expenses (Expense Management), It helps you to manage Suppliers (Supplier Management) and much more. It is the best Stock Management Software for Sales Management and Expenses Management for Retail Shops and Businesses, the best Sales/Stock management software for Supermarkets, the best sales management software for Wholesale Shops and Businesses, the best sales management software for Pharmacies and Pharmacy Businesses, the best sales management software for Hardware Businesses, the best sales management software for Electronics businesses, the best sales management Software for Saloons/Salons

Reviews From Current Users

It really surprised me, I used to store my data in excel and i wanted to transfer it to the software. It was just a few clicks and everything was in the software…very very easy….i love it, very easy to learn

SarahManager - German Clinic

I like my information organized. This Evolution Stock Manager has a way of organizing and analysing information in ways that are so simple yet very helpful, the data graphs and pie charts to visualize the data are so good”

JaffarAccountant Hardware Store

This is a Genius product. I love it. I study in China and i have my business in Uganda run by my wife. The Evolution Stock Manager has enabled me to remain in sync with operations at my business and to reconcile all sales and stock simpler than Tally, Quickbooks, and Excel. Great Product this Evolution Stock Manager

EdwinManager - Enjosh Stockists

My Clients pay in different formats. Some pay using Cheques, Other in Installments and most of them in Cash. So i wanted a software that could help me and my employee keep a record of each payment and with which means it was made. The Evolution Stock Software saved me. Thanks this is Great!

LamulahManager - ExtraFine Suits