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The Evolution Property Management Software

A System Built for Strategic Planning

Built to easily analyse large bunches of data in order to make it simple for managers to make decisions on how to progress their businesses and branches attached to their businesses TRY IT FOR FREE

Features Customized for Productivity

Register Estates You Manage

This Software allows you to easily register Estates that you manage. It allows you to enter all details pertaining that estate and you can alwasy pull up the Profile of that Estate in the System

Register Properties you Manage

This Software allows you to Register the different Properties that you manage. You can Register details like the Property Name, Property Owner, Property Blocks, Number Of Rooms, Commission for Managing the Property and much more

Register Tenants in the Property

This Software allows you to Register the details of the Tenants that ocuppy each Property. Details like the Broker who brought the Tenant, the Tenant's Name, Phone Number, Next Of Kin, ID No, Monthly Rent Paid, Date Of Entry and much more are recorded. The Form to Register Tenants can also be downloaded as a PDF document so that Tenants fill in their data

Enter Rent Payments and Other Bill Payments

This Software allows you to Enter Payments made Tenants for example Rent Payments, Bill Payments like Electricity Payment, Water Payments, Gabbage Collection Payments and many others. This allows you to have proper accountability.

Searching for Tenants

This Software enables you to easily search for Tenants by only entering their Names, their Floors, their Rooms or the Property where they are. Once you search for a Tenant, you can easily see the full profile of that tenant

Generate Reports

The Software provids you with over 40 Reports. These reports range from Tenants Payments Per Month/Quarter/Year, Property Expenses Reports, Rent Payment Statuses, Properties Reports, Debtors Schedule Reports and much more. These Reports can be download from the System in Excel Format or PDF Format

Where it Works

In Uganda, In East Africa and In Africa, this is The Best Real Estate Management Software System. The Best Properties System. The Best Rent Collection System. The Best Tenant Management System. The Best Property Expense Management System. The Best Hostel Management System. The Best Apartment Management System. The Best Condominium Management System.

Reviews From Current Users

"We've been using the Evolution Property Management Software for our apartment complexes, and it has been a remarkable asset. The software simplifies the management of multiple properties, handling lease agreements, maintenance requests, and tenant communication. With Evolution, we have gained better control over our operations and improved our property management efficiency."

ElizabethManager - GreenMark Properties

"The Evolution Property Management Software has been a game-changer for us. It simplifies the entire rental process, allowing us to easily list properties, handle lease agreements, and track payments. Evolution has revolutionized the way we manage our rental properties."

SheilaAccountant - Cognet Properties

"The Evolution Properties Management Software has transformed our real estate agency operations. It's a comprehensive solution that has streamlined our processes, from managing listings to handling tenant applications. Our experience with Evolution has been exceptional, and we highly recommend it."

FrankManager - Bilcots Properties

"The Evolution Properties Management Software has greatly improved our condominium management processes. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage resident data, track maintenance tasks, and handle association fees. Evolution has proven to be a reliable and efficient tool for our condominium management needs."

Laura KatoManager - Kato Properties