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EREMA - The Evolution Restaurant Management Software

Record, Track and Monitor all data In Your Restaurant, Hotel or Cafe

The System interconnects the small tasks in your business to the big tasks and helps you easily analyse the data in order to set appropriate targets for your business and define clear priorities.


Features Customized for Speed & Productivity

Enter Ordered Items

The System allows you to create a Kitchen Order Ticket by giving you simple options to search for items and enter the items that have been ordered by Clients. It makes it easy for you to create a Ticket by showing you the items you are adding to the ticket live. This makes it easy for you to print out a correct Kitchen Order Ticket and a Bill.

Generate/Print Tickets, Bills, Receipts

The Software combines with the Receipt Printer to give you a well organized, accurate and clean ticket, bill, coupon or receipt whenever you enter an order. This enables you to present clear and well defined information about the order to the Kitchen and to the Client.

Sales Statistics

The software gives you easy-to-read and quick reports for Daily Sales, Weekly Sales, Monthly Sales, Quarterly Sales, Yearly Sales. It posseses Various Reports that allows you to easily plan for your Business and to make fast and wise decisions. These reports dig down into the data to show total amount of money brought in by different categories of items you sell in your business like Drinks, Snacks, Foods and much more

Store Management

With a simple-to-use interface, the EREMA Software enables you to easily manage the Supplies made to your Store by different Suppliers. The System makes it easy for you to track what items have been supplied to your business, how much has been paid to the supplier and what is the balance owed. This gives you a full report at the end ofthe day or week to easily analyse all money owed.

Create Reports, Receipts etc

Writing business Reports, Invoices and Quotations can be tiresome, you have to go through several datasets and feeding them on a report. The Evolution Restaurant Management Software makes it easy for you by creating the report at the click of a button

Profit and Loss Statistics

The Software offers you a glimpse into how your business is doing by displaying your profits and losses done on the various products in your business. It also displays a full summary of how much profit or loss has been made within a specified period of time

Where it Works

Reviews From Current Users

"Its a great Software, makes things easy around here, the order taking and monitoring can be quite a burden sometimes but this software simplifies things a great deal. I recommend it."

HenryManager - Global Kitchen

"I love well organized reports and The Evolution Restaurant Software makes work easy for me, my employees only have to feed in the information and generate receipts forthe customers and the software gives me the Reports. I vouch for this system."

NinaManaging Director - Bake & Flake Bakery & Cafe

"There's a simplicity about this software that make it tick for me compared to the others. I wanted to run the Software purchases and the Cafe Orders and Sales on the same computer and it has made it very easy for me. The Store section of the Software is well organized and connects very well with the Kitchen and the Cafe"

SarahManager - Cafe St Anne

"I'm not always around but what impresses me about this software is the simplicity about accessing everything that is being done at the Restaurant everyday. And yes they use the offline version so they don't need internet to use the software but i get to see the sales reports and remainig stock here on my computer. This is really great"

Mr. SafariDirector - Fine Foods Restaurant